To keep our high quality level and standards, we have invested in the best and most technically advanced equipments. Our investment on technology will continue not only to protect the nature but also for safety and health of our employes.


Without the environment, we would not be.

Our products comes from nature, so we respect the enviorement by minimizing the impacts on our entire production cyle.

Quarrying natural stone and getting it ready for installing it in someone’s project is and extremely hard and arduous process. During this process we as Bej Mermer totally realize and act accordingly to protect our nature which is gifting us these prestigious materials.


For Bej Mermer employees are the primary strategic value.

For Bej Mermer , PEOPLE are one of their strategic values. Guaranteeing our employees Health, Safety and Well-being by creating prevention mechanisms, is a priority that must be acted upon by developing effective policies to deal with Health and Safety at work.

Achieving this objective is based on the following principles:

  1. Health and Safety is one of the Company's fundamental objectives, on a par with quality, productivity and profitability.
  2. Health and Safety must always be priorityt. All accidents must be avoided and sufficient resources must be allocated to prevent these.
  3. We Guarantee that our current and future operations and processes comply with the applicable Health and Safety legislations.
  4. Continuous improvement of our System of management of Health and Safety to effectively prevent occupational risks associated with our activities.
  5. The continuous training of employees, in order to involve each employee and make them aware of the impact of their work on the safety of people.